Professional Character artist and Designer


Greetings, my name is Carmilla! (Also known as Narumimi)
I'm a freelance artist with 8 years of experience and over 200 finished client work.
I specialize in characters design, Live2D modeling for VTubers, and illustrations.
For client work, Get in touch!


For inquiries or commission requests, please reach out to me via the provided contact info!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Carmi_Cruor
Cara: Carmilla
Discord: @carmillacruor
Ko-Fi: Carmilla

Terms of Service

-The artist reserves the right to decline any commission.-Once your commission is accepted, full or partial payment must be sent upfront via Ko-Fi or PayPal invoice before work starts. Payment is in USD.For Live2D models, half payment must be sent during the sketching phase and the other half before receiving the finished model.-After payment is sent, you will receive a WIP (work in progress) sketch for confirmation, followed by several progress updates overtime.-Please note that commissions are non-refundable 24 hours after confirmation of the sketch.-Additional characters cost 50% of the original price.-Solid color, transparent, or simple backgrounds are free of charge.-Only the client(s) and the artist are allowed to post the finished artwork. Please don't repost without permission or claim as your own.-Please be sure to provide proper credit to the artist whenever posting the finished commission publicly.


Sketch: $15
Full color: $35


Sketch: $30
Full color: $50


Sketch: $45
Full color: $65

Illustration (With BG)

Full color: $70-$90

Character Reference Sheet

Base price: $100
Price is subject to change depending on design complexity.
Default character sheet will include character name, 1 fullbody front view, 1 fullbody back view, and a portrait sketch. (All customizable.)-Dynamic full-body pose: +$30-Additional details (props, character features, etc): +$20 per addition.

Live2D Model

Halfbody: $150 - $250
Fullbody: $250 - $450
Model will be properly separated and ready to rig and can take approximately 1 month to complete. During that period, updates will be sent regularly.
Please get in contact with the artist for more details!